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SafeGoal innovation

SafeGoal goals were innovated to reduce common goal related injuries and fatal accidents. 

SafeGoal soccer and FUTSAL goals minimise injuries, while retaining stability, durability and game experience. They were developed by engineers and tested at the prestigious Institute of Biomechanics in Spain, where it was demonstrated, that collision impact is reduced by almost  incredible 44%, which almost entirely prevents serious bodily harm.

SafeGoal goals meet European soccer standards.

“A goal must be placed on the centre of each goal line. A goal consists of two vertical posts equidistant from the corner flag posts and joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar. The goal posts and crossbar must be made of approved material and must not be dangerous. The goalposts and crossbar of both goals must be the same shape and must not be dangerous.

– Official FIFA guidelines for goals

Traditional goals can injure players on collision and due to falling over.
SafeGoal keeps your players safe with protective padding, built in weights, and transport wheels.
SafeGoal is a unique product confirmed by a patent and fully complies with all requirements for competition and training process usage in soccer and futsal.

Minimized tip over risk: the goal’s sidebars and backbar are heavy and act as a built-in counterweight

Easy transport: goals come with transportation wheels.

Patent protected SAFEGOAL goals keep standard ball bounce and meet all official regulations made by FIFA, US FUTSAL, NFHSand FNCAA.

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New set of SafeGoals for Skaneateles (NY)

Skaneateles School's sixth set of SafeGoal soccer goals.

Unique safety innovation for FUTSAL and soccer – SafeGoal goals

Safety on the soccer fields and futsal courts is a concern for players, parents and field managers with safety check...

SafeGoal and U.S. Futsal® Partnership Agreement

The United States Futsal® Federation has signed a multi-year agreement with SafeGoal.

Due to new regulations from WHO regarding protection from COVID19, we have added an antibacterial treatment to our PVC layer. During production, the outer layer of PVC is treated with Biomaster 564, which is an antimicrobial agent.

 I.B.V. is a FIFA accredited laboratory

Analysis by the institute of biomechanics I.B.V. in Valencia

Impact upon collision

Impact is reduced by 44% which almost entirely prevents serious bodily injuries.

Ball rebound

The ball bouce is almost identical to conventional goal posts.

International standard

European standard:
EN 748:2004
EN 748:2004/AC 2006
EN 749:2004
EN 749:2004/AC 2006

Ball rebound

Research in FIFA accredited laboratory in Valencia (Spain) with special ball cannon to shoot FIFA approved ADIDAS soccer balls and special hardware for speed and angle of bound measurements showed that rebound from common aluminium goals compares to that of anti-injury SafeGoal soccer goals.

Speed difference was around 5% less with the same bound angle detected, but the power of impact when a player was hit against a goalpost decreased by 44%.

Improving safety of the game by changing the equipment:

Shaquille “SHAQ” O’Neal slam dunked and shattered the supports and backboard during two different games in the NBA 1992-93 season, while playing against the New York Jersey Nets and the Phoenix Suns.

The following season the NBA increased the steel brace strength and increased stability of the backboard to prevent the hoop from falling down to improve the safety of the game, and to protect all players.

SafeGoal soccer goals will make soccer goals safe for all players on the field.

Safe Soccer Solution LLC is the exclusive distributor of the SafeGoal soccer and futsal goals in the USA and Canada.

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SafeGoal soccer goals are unique and patent protected innovations designed to improve safety on the soccer field. 

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  • ISO 22196:2011 Antimicrobial Test Certificate: link
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