Unique safety innovation for FUTSAL and soccer – SafeGoal goals

Safety on the soccer fields and futsal courts is a concern for players, parents and field managers with safety check lists and follow up procedures to keep the players safe.

But did you know, that you can upgrade safety on your field by adopting unique and patent protected SafeGoal innovation – anti-injury goals with normalised bounce?

SafeGoal soccer and futsal goals are different from what we are used to see on the fields:

  • The inner frame is made of aluminium with special ribs that provide rigidity to the whole structure
  • The middle layer is foamed rubber. This hydrophobic material decreases force of impact when player collides with the post. SafeGoal is the only such goal in the world.
  • The outer layer PVC, which protects the whole structure from the external environment. An antibacterial agent is applied to the PVC to help protect from viruses. No other producer has this.
  • The built-in counterweight (goal’s sidebars and backbar are heavy) reduces tip-over risk while built-in transport wheels allow easy transport

There is no other technical solution for the goals, which allows both to reduce the force of collision impact and to comply with the current official FIFA and NFHS rules of soccer and futsal.


Safe Soccer Solution LLC is the exclusive distributor of the SafeGoal soccer and futsal goals in the USA and Canada. Please contact us at info@SafeGoal.com for further information.