Unique safety innovation for FUTSAL and soccer – SafeGoal goals

Safety on the soccer fields and futsal courts is a concern for players, parents and field managers with safety check lists and follow up procedures to keep the players safe.

But did you know, that you can upgrade safety on your field by adopting unique and patent protected SafeGoal innovation – anti-injury goals with normalised bounce?

SafeGoal soccer and futsal goals are different from what we are used to see on the fields:

  • The inner frame is made of aluminium with special ribs that provide rigidity to the whole structure
  • The middle layer is foamed rubber. This hydrophobic material decreases force of impact when player collides with the post. SafeGoal is the only such goal in the world.
  • The outer layer PVC, which protects the whole structure from the external environment. An antibacterial agent is applied to the PVC to help protect from viruses. No other producer has this.
  • The built-in counterweight (goal’s sidebars and backbar are heavy) reduces tip-over risk while built-in transport wheels allow easy transport

There is no other technical solution for the goals, which allows both to reduce the force of collision impact and to comply with the current official FIFA and NFHS rules of soccer and futsal.


Safe Soccer Solution LLC is the exclusive distributor of the SafeGoal soccer and futsal goals in the USA and Canada. Please contact us at info@SafeGoal.com for further information.

Raffle: Win set of SafeGoal futsal goals!

To celebrate our cooperation with the U.S. FUTSAL we have set up a raffle, where you can win set of Futsal goals!

  • VALID 17.2 – 16.3.2023
    • 1st price: Free set of SafeGoal Futsal goals, with delivery (value 1925×2 USD)
    • 2nd price: 50% discount (value 1925 USD)
    • 3rd price: 25% discount (value 925,5 USD)
  • For PARTICIPATION, please send below details to Stephen@SafeGoal.com:
    • Club info – Team name / Team address / Delivery location:
    • Contact person – Name / Position / Phone / Email
    • Team info – Number of teams / Age groups / Playing location / Number of futsal courts at playing location

Draw will be held on 17th of March and the winner informed via email.

Good luck!

SafeGoal and U.S. Futsal® Partnership Agreement

OAKLAND, CA – The United States Futsal® Federation, the governing body for Futsal® (Five-a-Side Soccer) in the United States, has signed a multi-year agreement with SafeGoal. SafeGoal Futsal goals with their patented system, keeps standard ball bounce and meets all official regulations made by FIFA, U.S. Futsal, NFHS and FNCAA.

“It gives us great pleasure to partner with SafeGoal the pioneers in keeping player safer with their patented system, minimises injuries, while retaining stability, durability and game experience. They were developed by engineers and tested at the prestigious Institute of Biomechanics in Spain, where it was demonstrated, that collision impact is reduced by almost incredible 44%, which almost entirely prevents serious bodily harm. SafeGoal continues to prove that they are the industry leaders in cutting edge products that far surpass the competition, and this partnership will also continue to help grow this sport nationwide.” said U.S. Futsal® President and CEO, Alex Para.

Stephen Wynn of SafeGoal: “We are delighted to be partnering with US Futsal, to provide them with a proven SafeGoal option for all their Futsal events. We are excited to showcase our SafeGoals throughout the US Futsal network and work with the affiliated clubs! We look forward to continuing our relationship over the coming years to provide the best and SAFEST goals for US Futsal. Who Knows, SafeGoal may help the next Pele, Messi or Ronaldo play safe as their skills develop, and they go on to grace and entertain the Soccer world!”

SafeGoal as an official partner of U.S. Futsal, will among other things be heavily involved in supporting U.S. Futsal’s® Regional and National Championships, through 2028. These competitions will take place throughout the United States in the Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and South central regions, and culminate in the annual U.S. Futsal® National Championship held in July of every year. The U.S. Futsal National Championship is the biggest, oldest and most prestigious Futsal event in the country, and will celebrate its 37th anniversary in 2023!

United States FUTSAL (USFF) has governed the sport of Futsal in the United States since 1981 at the Junior, Adult, and Professional level. U.S. Futsal, is the only Futsal organization directly affiliated to U.S. Soccer and U.S. Youth Soccer. It was first affiliated to U.S. Soccer in 1988; it governs futsal league play, with leagues designed for Junior as well as adult players of all ages.

U.S. Futsal conducts eight Regional Championships throughout the United States, culminating with the U.S. Futsal National Championship, the oldest, biggest and most prestigious Futsal Competition in the United States. Futsal is “the way the world plays indoor soccer” and is the international form of indoor soccer approved by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

NB! SafeGoal has set up a Futsal goal raffle – click here to participate!

Futsal is played on a basketball-size court. It can be played on a variety of surfaces. Without the use of walls, futsal is a great skill-developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking, and pin-point passing. It is an exciting game for children and adults. Great soccer superstars such as Pele, Zico, Maradona, Ronaldo and Messi grew up playing the game and credit Futsal with developing their skills. The name Futsal was first coined by U.S. Futsal when it changed its corporate name in the State of California in 1986 and now is used internationally. For more information, visit futsal.org, usfutsal.org or contact info@futsal.com.

Jeff Kulikowsky Interview with Stephen Wynn

Our CEO Stephen Wynn talked with Jeff Kulikowski at NewsChannel 9 about safety, soccer and the safety innovation that is the SafeGoal soccer goal.

See the interview here:

Ibe Jonah is the new SafeGoal ambassador

Ibe has great passion for the beautiful game. He still plays soccer, and officiates high school, college and adult league games on a regular basis. By any measure, Ibe is a soccer aficionado per excellence. He is an outstanding league administrator, tournament organizer and promoter who fully supports the vision of SafeGoal.

Ibe is actively involved in the soccer through Gorges Classic Soccer Tournament, an organization that puts on festival-style soccer tournaments in multiple cities across the United States including Las Vegas, Cape Canaveral, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Niagara Falls and Virginia Beach.
Additionally you can find Ibe teaching Advocacy and Debate at Cornell University, an Ivy-league university that ranks among the best in the world. He travels extensively with students to intercollegiate tournaments and spends time judging or coaching debates.  Ibe is delighted to advocate for and endorse the crucial vision and work of SafeGoal in making the beautiful game safe especially for youth players.
If you would like to hear more about SafeGoal soccer and futsal goals, please contact us info@SafeGoal.com for further information.

Pinnacle Athletic Campus and SafeGoal soccer goals

Pinnacle Athletic Campus has been using SafeGoal soccer goals since 2019. Darren Wynne (Head Soccer Coach at Bryant & Stratton) met up with Bonnie Parrotta (Operations Manager at Pinnacle Athletic Campus) to discuss, why they chose SafeGoal soccer goals.

Few SafeGoal soccer goals features:

  • safety upgrade – built in counter weights decrease the risk of tip-over
  • reduced workload – goals come with transport wheels for easy transport
  • quality and durability – long term utilisation and good looks of the goals improve image of the field

See the full video here and get in touch with us info@SafeGoal.com

Joel Lindpere and Kristo Tohver on soccer safety

Joel Lindpere (Joel Lindpere, MVP New York Red Bulls, MLS all-star team, 107 caps for Estonia) and international referee Kristo Tohver discuss improving safety on the soccer field with SafeGoal soccer goals. Innovative SafeGoal soccer goal prevents injuries, serious accidents and saves lives. Keep your players safe without changing the game. Read more about the safety-innovation www.SafeGoal.com info@SafeGoal.com

Mart Poom and Joel Lindpere and safety on the soccer field

Joel Lindpere (MVP New York Red Bulls, MLS all-star team, 107 caps for Estonia) and Mart Poom (former goalkeeper for Sunderland, Arsenal, Derby County and Estonian National Team) discuss SafeGoal innovation and the importance of improving safety on the soccer field. Traditional soccer goal can cause dramatic accidents. SafeGoal soccer goals are different: – unique multi-layer structure of the goal extinguishes the collision force when the player contacts the goal post – built-in counterweight – goal’s sidebars and backbar are heavy – reduce tip-over risk – transport wheels included for easy transport



Darren Wynn supports SafeGoal

Darren Wynne knows how important it is to secure safety on the field – both as a player and as being responsible for the players.

Implementing SafeGoal soccer goals to soccer and futsal fields all around the US, is one important part in the safety journey. See him talk here.

www.SafeGoal.com info@SafeGoal.com

Soccer goals – improve safety for your players

When you think about it – traditional soccer goals are just metal pipes sticking out of the ground.

According to FIFA rules – the goals should not be dangerous, but at the same time, the goals have not changed for 120 years and there is a constant risk of hitting your head or the risk of the goal falling over.

With SafeGoal soccer goals we are improving safety without changing the game – it is the only soccer goal in the world with soft shell.

This means:

  1. reduced collision force when the player hits the goal post
  2. built-in counterweight to reduce tip-over risk
  3. transport wheels for easy transport

See more here in the video and get in touch info@SafeGoal.com